Add to your college savings with Upromise®

Upromise® is free to join and lets you turn everyday purchases into extra money for college savings. Upromise members can earn college savings on everyday spending purchases at a number of online and service locations, including retail/travel web sites, grocery stores, and restaurants.

For example, you can earn:

  • 1-25% back when you shop hundreds of online retail and travel sites
  • Up to 8% back when you dine at over 8,500 participating restaurants

Best of all, when you join Upromise, you can link your Upromise account to your Advisor-Guided Plan account so your earnings can be automatically transferred on a periodic basisFootnote1.

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Begin footnote 1 content.Return to footnote reference 1 Upromise is an optional service offered by Upromise, Inc., is separate from New York's 529 Advisor-Guided College Savings Program, and is not affiliated with the State of New York. Specific terms and conditions apply. Participating companies, contribution levels, terms and conditions subject to change without notice. Transfers subject to $25 minimum.Return to footnote reference 1End footnote 1 content.

Is it too late to open an account when my child is in high school?
No, you can open a 529 college savings account if your child is in high school since there are no restrictions on the age of the beneficiary.
Can other people contribute to my account?
Yes, family and friends can contribute to your existing account, or open their own account if they want the tax benefits and control. However, all account balances together for a beneficiary cannot exceed $375,000. After that, accounts can grow only through investment earnings.